Everything’s fine.

Everything’s fine.


friendship is a strong bond


a very strong, meaningful, and lasting bond

"driving not washing," richard siken
"driving not washing," richard siken

“ I love the idea of a mostly straight man attempting gruffy dirty talk with his gay lover to earn the sexings. ”



Roaming Ghost goes to the park || Oct.22.13

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thundershieldhero: excuse me who is this sebastian derane person

  • Seb is a really dumb boy that’s basically a manchild but he has a good heart so it’s okay. He’s just really dumb, in the sense of making dumb, reckless decisions in the spur of the moment.
  • He’s very extroverted and likes meeting new people, albeit he’ll usually end up having to say goodbye to them sooner or later.
  • He’s been traveling for more than five years.
  • He was an awful student and never considered college, but he’s really street smart and clever, in his own way.
  • His sexuality is ambiguous because he’s never sat down to think of it, but he’s kissed and had sex with boys.
  • He doesn’t like staying in a single place for too long and believes he’ll always be on the road.
  • He’s a young cutie, and a distant cousin of Jacob and Charles. Seb doesn’t even know he has a relatively large biological family, given that he’s an orphan and his parents were his only direct relatives in the small town he grew up in. 
  • He’s trash.
  • You’re obligated to love him. 


Nevermind Mike once accidentally almost killed his brother’s boyfriend mistaking him for a mobster. The fact the man is a tall, broad, and tattooed figure didn’t help. 

He still doesn’t know that guy is actually his brother’s boyfriend, and Finn’s boyfriend doesn’t know his family runs a mob.